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Our Story is Your Story

The vision for NanoCumin was born years ago, in 2014. One of our founders had personal issues and wanted to help himself improve a new way to fight liver issues and also inhibit the consequences of drinking alcohol. We discovered Ukon No Chikara a drink quite common and popular in Japan. It's famed for its ability to prevent the body from producing acetaldehyde. The key ingredient of the drink is turmeric Most people in Asia have a specific gene that makes their bodies produce more of this harmful chemical, making them more vulnerable to the harmful side effects of drinking. So we started researching what more it can do!

Bumps on the road

Turmeric, with all of its superpowers, has a few quirks. It's not very water-soluble and the taste isn't something to be desired. Not to mention it makes your teeth yellow... Bio-availability was another huge issue, adding black pepper did help the absorption but it's still nowhere close to what we needed to make the product with the potential for global impact.


This product has been in research and development for over 2 decades. Every new formulation improves the bioavailability of the product. We ended up partnering with Theracurmin to develop NanoCumin. The improved bioavailability, ease of use, and many other benefits made us confident it's the right choice. With this patented formulation, everyone can now get the most from the miracle plant!